• Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Education Support
  • Routine Building
  • Vocational Exploration
  • Wellness

What is accountability support/coaching?

Essentially an accountability coach provides support and guidance to hold people accountable to follow through with tasks to achieve their goals.

How is ACES accountability support unique?

Accountability support at ACES uses a client centered approach to help people complete tasks and reach goals that are meaningful to them.

Executive function skills are essential to executing everyday tasks that are both meaningful and required for independent living.

Our ACES staff are knowledgeable about the framework of executive functioning and assist clients towards not only meeting their goals but having a better understanding why they follow through with some tasks and not others.

Some of the executive function areas that ACES can address are:

  • Organization/prioritization/activating to work
  • Focusing/sustaining and shifting attention to tasks
  • Regulating alertness, sustaining effort, and adjusting processing speed
  • Managing frustration and modulating emotions
  • Utilizing working memory and accessing recall
  • Monitoring and self-regulation action

What will an ACES accountability coach do?

  • Communicate regularly
  • Help you work towards realistic goals you set for yourself
  • Establish strategies and plans that are client specific

Source: Thomas E. Brown